Trio Barolo en concert.

With their unique sound, which combines jazz, opera and world music, the members of the trio take you on a musical tour of the "Mare Nostrum" of their origins. If you close your eyes, you will feel immersed in a film by Fellini, with, as your only luggage, emotion, humility, musicality and generosity. The three Barolo musicians are always ready for new encounters, new collaborations, new dreams. After five years, more then eighty concerts in France with more and more enthusiastic audiences, a first CD, "Le Ballet des Airs", recorded at Roberto Lioli's, Enrico Rava's sound engineer, the Barolo trio's second album, "Casa Nostra", recorded at the La Buissonne studio in January 2017 is about to come out.

Remy POULAKIS (Accordion / Lyric Tenor)
Francesco CASTELLANI (Trombone / Conch / Voice)
Philippe EUVRARD (Acoustic Bass / Loops)
Carjez GERRETSEN (clarinets)

CASA NOSTRA,is, for us, the sacred, universal, deeply human place, shared with the audience: the stage.
CASA NOSTRA,is also music, the inspiration, the breath which nourish our lyric jazz.
CASA NOSTRA,is, lastly our mediterranean origins, our migrations from harbour to harbour, stages to stages.

Recorded and mixed by Gérard de Haro, assisted by Anaëlle Marsollier, Studio de La Buissonne Studio, Pernes les Fontaînes, France on November 23-24 and 25, 2016November 23-24 and 25, 2016

album Trio Barolo Casa Nostra

«Neither jazz nor traditional, but deeply lyrical and with a sound of great elegance.» Télérama

«Casa Nostra may well be "that sweet place where lies are unheard of" according to the Barolo Trio. So, welcome to sublime music where truth rymes with beauty and freedom.» L’alsace

«The interpretation seems guided by a powerful reign of the emotions.» Jazz News

«The association of trombone, double bass and accordion, with snatches of clarinet and song, though unusual proves engaging.» Les Inrocks

«The nine dazzling compositions delineate a novel musical journey to the outmost borders of a dreamed, eternity- centered mediterranean scene. The lyrical jazz of the Barolo Trio is to be savoured like the piedmontese wine whose name it borrowed. » Ouest France

«The Barolo trio's "Casa Nostra" reminds me of the Portal-Galiano encounter.» Mediapart